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Irving had attempted to persuade James to join the Olympics: but I respect his decision

Based on "New York Post" reported that the Cavaliers point guard Kyrie - Irving said in an interview he had tried to convince LeBron - James to join the Rio Olympics, but he supported James finally decided to opt out.

When the Cavaliers won the championship, US President Barack Obama to the Cavaliers coach Taryn - Lu named to congratulate the phone. Interestingly, Obama around the phone to let Lu reminded Cavaliers JR Do topless in public. Within this regard, Owen naturally has a unique opinion.

"If you're wearing a T-shirt, that is fine." He said, "If you don't wear, then there is how? I do not consider he need to be wearing T-shirts, let him stick to their very own ideas to celebrate. He is a champion player anyway, I don't mind, I assistance him. "

This summer time, Owen will represent the Usa men's basketball off the Rio Olympics, but his team-mate James opt out. In line with Owen he stated he was within the past week has been attempting to persuade James to take part in the Olympic Games.

"Whatever cause he (James) quit, I have to respect him." Owen said, "He supported me in the Olympics. I have been trying to persuade him to participate in, the guy this season, completed an incredible factor. I hope he you may watch the Olympics at property, and I can bring a gold medal to Cleveland. "

For six consecutive years to participate in the finals, James, he definitely wants to break it?

"Do you assume he requirements? Yes." Owen stated, "For me, I don't wish to miss this chance to possess a possibility to win an NBA championship and an Olympic gold medal, I hope to perform."

Last week, the Cavaliers held a grand victory parade in Cleveland, nevertheless it also enables Owen never ever overlook.

"This is definitely the craziest scenes I've ever noticed in life, to pay tribute." He said, "In addition to the first time that the championship trophy was initially raised beyond the championship trophy, winning march was one of the most incredible point."