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NBA 2K17 - Pc Technical Assessment

Let's get anything established right here: I know just about nothing concerning the sport of basketball. Following spending some hours with NBA 2K17 on Computer, my basketball knowledge has probably tripled. For example, I now know the terms "Small Forward" and "Slasher", and I know Utah includes a group named The Jazz. Not poor for a person who previously got all his basketball facts from college PE lessons and Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden (revelation #1: real basketball doesn't actually feature any zaubers).

If you're incredibly ambitious or committed to using a keyboard in all things, there are keyboard inputs for NBA 2K17. These can be rebound to new keys, as can the controller inputs (which I found helpful, since the pass/shoot buttons here are reversed from FIFA and that was causing muscle-memory to betray me). Problem is, a lot of the more intricate tricks and movements in the game are performed with the right analogue controller stick; and no matter what you switch the keyboard controls to, you're not really going to be able to replicate "rolling an analogue stick through 360 degrees".

In terms of its transition to the Pc then, NBA 2K17 gets pretty high marks. Performance is solid where it counts (in the actual games), and I suspect that with more GPU horsepower I'd be forcing those fluctuating cut-scenes into 60fps too. There's support for specialist desires like 4K and 21:9 aspect ratios (some thing you don't see in all titles, by any means), and the game also appears capable of scaling the other direction. Sure, the ultra-low setting consequences of no crowd, flat textures, and jagged edges everywhere don't look pretty, but it'll give people with much older hardware a shot of actually playing. 2K's inclusion of (remappable) keyboard controls is welcome too, even if a keyboard is really not the optimal way to play this game.

I'm absolutely not the right person to ask about whether NBA 2K17 is a major step forwards, backwards, or sideways for the series as a whole, but as total neophyte I've been impressed by what I've seen. Besides an online player pool that's going to be smaller on Computer (because that's just how it goes with major sports titles), there's every reason to consider this version if you're musing over platform choices.