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NBA 2K17 Overview: An Incremental Upgrade, But Basketball Fans Will Invest in It Anyway

It's hard to assessment NBA 2K17 for a myriad of factors. Chief amongst them is the reality that this game is critic-proof: the NBA 2K series may be the most well-liked sports game series in video games right now, and arguably of all time, and it's going to sell millions regardless of what anyone says. One more purpose is the fact that the game has no competition, and without the need of competitors we are able to only examine the game to previous 2K games.

NBA 2K17, for one of the most portion, continues the recent trend of improving the game, mostly around the presentation/realism front: the game this year not merely brings back the Television crew of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith, Doris Burke and Kevin Harlan, but in addition adds Chris Webber, Steve Smith, Brent Barry, Greg Anthony, Clark Kellogg and David Aldridge to the mix. It's completely surreal for basketball fans to play this game and see all these familiar media faces within the game, with their genuine voices and faces scanned.

That the largest upgrades went to "the appear and feel" with the game doesn't imply the makers of 2K17, Visual Concepts, got lazy with gameplay; the reality will be the 2K series have mastered recreating basketball gameplay a couple of years ago. Would be the game a perfect recreation with the sport? No, it could never ever be. But it's as close because it can get as far as looking to "simulate" a complex athletic contest that calls for world-class speed, coordination, agility, power, stamina and much more having a plastic controller.

There are actually new gameplay additions even though. 2K17 brings a new technique of chaining together crossovers and juke moves as if you're pulling off combos in Killer Instinct. You'll be able to now tip rebounds out to teammates, animations are smoother all about. There's a far better emphasis on pace and space, no less than in theory, however the AI teammates/opponents can nonetheless act wonky/unrealistic at times. Shooting has also been tweaked a bit, in which you actually need to spend focus when taking layups now - they're no longer gimmes.