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'NBA 2K17' Most recent News & Update: What Is A Grand Badge & How To Get This? Tips On Buffing Up Players

Recently, players of "NBA 2K17" had discovered the "NBA 2K17 Grand Badge" that buffs players with a meter that builds up to a game changing but temporary buff. Although not necessary, this could be a big thing when it comes to winning games and unlocking the Grande Badges for all archetypes is not too hard.
The BitBag reports that this "NBA 2K17" Grand Badge lets players have a special meter that gives off a temporary buff in MyCareer matches. This would allow a player to have an advantage because of a boost in stats which is very helpful in the game. It has to be noted however that each archetype in the game has a Grand Badge that is exclusive to it. There is one Grand Badge in the game called the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge which if activated, would allow a player to shoot from almost any point in the court.
It is also reported that getting these "NBA 2K17" Grand Badges are not that easy as players would still have to grind to unlock them. Badge progress is still recorded even when one plays in Rookie difficulty, so one must feel free to switch if just for obtaining more Grand Badges. Morning Ledger reports that these "NBA 2K17" badges are indicators of a player's MyPlayer's tendencies and traits while playing the game.
Getting them would be like getting any other achievement in any game since a player has to fulfill requirements or repeat an action again and again until one earns it. As for "NBA 2K17" Grand Badges, they are labelled as secret badges that are considerably amongst some of the best boosts that a player can get in the game. When a player is on fire and activates this Grand Badge, the shooting skill gets basically unstoppable and shots can be made from anywhere on the floor for a time.
In order to get this "NBA 2K17" Grand Badge, a player has to perform a character's archetype badge not just dozens but around over a hundred times. When a player gets rewarded with a Grand Badge, a red icon will appear under the player which will indicated that it is time to set the ring on fire.