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Durant has deleted IG account may can not tolerate outdoors query

Based on FOX Sports reported that may not be able to endure the outside globe of doubt and do not choose to start the new season was distracted, Golden State Warriors star Kevin - Durant has deleted his IG account.

In recent years, social media has develop into an essential tool for professional athletes, they will write their own social media feelings and sentiment, you'll be able to also drying out their very own photos and share with fans.

For qualified players, social media is like a double-edged sword, although it may be extremely great to connect them with fans, and to establish their individual image, but also enable them to be malicious criticism and attack.

Because Durant announced his selection to join the Warriors in early July, he has been questioned and criticized, specifically on the social media platform.

Sooner or later, Durant decided to delete his IG account. When we open the Durant IG web page, it will say, "Sorry, the page will not exist. The link might be corrupt or the web page has been removed."

Durant is not clear regardless of whether the deletion of IG account with all the outdoors planet for his challenge and attack, but as the new season is about to begin, Durant wish to be capable of completely preserve focus.