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Wade mad praise new season teammates: He's the top I worked with point guard

Because the Chicago Bulls training camp began, Dwyane - Wade on his backcourt new partner Rajon - Rondo has been complete of praise, he even said Rondo is "I worked together with the best point guard."

Throughout the initial 13 years of his career, Dwyane Wade in the Miami Heat, through which cooperation with Wade's point guard, including: Jason - Williams, Gary - Payton, Mario - Chalmers as well as the Golan - Dragic.

Nonetheless, Wade believes that his new companion in the Bulls Rondo is his profession so far the best point guard.

This summer time, Rondo and Wade join the Bulls, Londo signed a 2-year 28 million US dollars in the contract. Last season, Londo within the Kings' performance is quite eye-catching, he averaged 11.9 points and 11.7 assists.

"He (Londo) has the loudest voice in the team (which means the most effective command)." Bulls coach Fred - Hoybog commented in an interview so Rondo, "when you have the field Such a point guard can point you to complications and inform you what to do, which sets the tone for everyone around the team. "

There is no doubt that the peak of Rondo is among the league's best point guard, he has a great field vision and command capacity. Profession so far, Rondo has come to be the NBA assists 3 occasions king. Last season, he averaged 74.two passes inside the Kings, the league initial. I believe that Rondo within the side, might help Wade much easier to adapt to the Bulls tactical technique.