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Knight was 21 points reversed

Knight home 21 points ahead of the situation was overturned, at home to 108-111 lost to the Celtics. Celtics generals Isiah - Thomas missed, Avery - Bradley hit the buzzer three points, the audience contributed 20 points, Marcus - Smarter three-pointers 10 vote 7, got 27 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Al - Horford 16 points and six assists, Jay - Claude 14 points and 11 rebounds, Amir - Johnson 10 points. LeBron - James was flat, only 13 of 13 shots, 11 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Kevin Loew scored three of seven shots in 7, scored 28 points and 10 rebounds, Kerry - Owen 29 points and seven assists. Tristan Thompson 18 points and 13 rebounds, JR-Smith got 13 points and eight rebounds.

On a Celtics lost 44 points, the total score to 0-2 behind. And the big Thomas injured, the rest of the game failed to play. In any way, the Celtics are over. But the knight coach Tyler - Lu is very cautious, he believes that even if the win 100 points is only a game, the Celtics are still tenacious team.


In the first round of the Bulls game, the Celtics also 0-2 behind, but eventually comeback. But this time the situation is different, because they are facing the knight, the face of James. In the first two games, James had more than 30 points. He can not only easy to score the basket, the cast and the outside line is also very accurate. Every season, people can always find that James is still improving.

Such a James, could not even enter the MVP vote three, it was surprising. But consider the end of the regular season, he did not play this performance of the playoffs, this result is normal. Prior to the two wars, James is the pioneer of the attack, today he suddenly became a "steady man", the attack is not active in the field, but for the teammates to create opportunities. The Celtics took the lead in scoring, leading by 2-0, which was the first time they were leading in this series.

Loew became a knight of the vanguard, he frequently outside the shot, the first section hit half, he has been cast 4 in mind three points, knight to 22-10 opened the gap. At the end of the first section, Loew once again finished third, Knight ends with 35-24. The first section of the Cavaliers three-pointers 13 shots 9, Loewe 7 vote 5, scored 15 points, Owen three-pointers 3 vote 3, scored 12 points, James shot only 3 times, hit a ball.

The second section of the middle, Green hit three points, the Celtics will be chasing the score 36-44, Owen also to three points, the knight again in the outside fire. This section there are 1 minute 43 seconds, Loew twice after the third hit, the knight to 59-43 again opened the gap. The Celtics had to attack, but hit rate is not high, the first half to 50-66 behind. The first two knights three-pointers 22 shots 14, much higher than the two-pointers, Loew three-pointers 10 vote 7, has scored 22 points, Owen is 4 vote 4, 17 points and 6 assists. James played very easily, he 5 cast 3, had 8 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Celtics three-pointers 18 vote 7, Bradley 12 points.

Knight played too well, including the previous two away and today's first half. After the start of the third quarter, they become very lax, the result was the Green Army counterattack. This section played 2 minutes later, the knight to 72-52 lead by 20 points. They were leading 21 points, but then in 6 minutes failed to hit a ball, and the Celtics frequently outside the line succeeded, after a wave of 25-9, in this section there are 1 minute 05 seconds only 80 -85 behind. Until this section there are 9.4 seconds, the Cavaliers by Thompson basket succeeded. This section of the Celtics scored 32 points, the first three sections only 82-87 behind, there is still a chance.

The beginning of the fourth quarter, the Celtics by Jerebke hit three points, the gap narrowed to 2 points. Knight even outside the line is not lost in the first half of the feeling of hot. The game there are 4 minutes and 21 seconds, Ollini Nick close hit, one scored four points, the Celtics to 99-98 overtake. Thompson penalty in a ball to tie the game, and Loew grabbed the key offensive rebounds, tipped after the knight to 101-99 once again lead.

Was originally considered a one-sided game, the result turned into a meat war. Celtics again and again stubborn, after 36.3 seconds in the game, Smith came forward, hit the third, the knight will score at 106-106. Jerebke in the whistle 30 seconds before the vote in a ball, the Celtics to 108-106 beyond. Owen once again come forward, forced to break the layup, both sides draw again.