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Kevin Durant does not intend to leave this summer

After five years, Kevin Durant is only one step away from the stage of returning to the finals. Regardless of the outcome, Durant for their own decision to join the Warriors did not have the slightest regret.

"I have made a 100% right decision," Durant said in a recent interview. "I feel it's where I belong. I cherish all the achievements I've made before, but I Now here, I think it 's a good place for me and I'm enjoying every step.

This year's playoffs, Durant's performance is very impressive, he averaged 24.8 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists, plus 1.2 blocks. In the last five playoff games, he had at least 30 points for three games.Durant last played the finals, it was 2012, but the young thunder three lost to the Big Three has the Heat. If this year the Warriors and Knights to join the finals, then Durant received avenge to the revenge of James and the opportunity to save themselves.

But even if Durant won the Warriors this year, he felt that it could not stop the saliva of the sunspots."They always have something to say," Durant said, "of course, I get a lot of support here, but some people will always put aside any good things to talk about. This is part of life. Are 100% happy for everything. "

This summer, Durant can become a free agent. Although there are more than a month away from the free agent market, Durant made it clear that he wanted to stay in the Warriors.

"I like this. I love my teammates and I like the city of Auckland.I like this team.I do not intend to go anywhere else." When asked if the next season will continue for the Warriors Effect, Durant said so.