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Kerry Owen as cover athlete for NBA2K18

Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star point guard Kerry - Owen officially became the NBA 2K18 cover characters.

Owen is a magician on the basketball court, but his magic is not limited to the court on top of his sofa at home can also hurt the opponent's ankle.

"I like to play video games very much," said Owen, "my family often plays video games and I and my friends will be staged fierce competition.

Ultimately, Owen's interest in the game is transformed into an honor. According to official sources, Owen has been selected as the NBA 2K18 cover characters.

For this choice, Owen was surprised.

"I'm so glad I can put this news with my teammates, my team and the Cleveland fans, and even all the NBA fans," said Owen, "they think it makes me a cover person. share it."

Over the past 16 years, NBA 2K has been the best-selling NBA video game. NBA 2K18 will be September 19 this year, the global sale.