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Kevin Durant named unanimous Finals MVP after historic series

NBA Finals down the curtain, the Golden State Warriors at the door to win the fifth war, so to 4-1 total score beat defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, won the team history fifth crown, but also the third year champion.

And the final Finals MVP, was just joined the Warriors this season, Kevin - Durant won.

Durant, the performance of the five games for all to see, averaging up to 35 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, hit more than 50%, each with nearly two blocks and 1 steals, offensive and defensive ends are perfect. Especially to the critical moment of performance, convincing, often the Warriors encounter difficulties, he can use personal ability to solve the problem, people send nickname "death". The key of the third war, the last one minute to turn the tide, the last 17 seconds of the magic 3 points, priceless.

It was not easy to play such a dominance in the match against LeBron James. More can not be ignored is that Kevin - Tulane side there are Curry and Thompson such players, to share his ball and shot, more gold content. And with Warriors for 3 consecutive years reached the finals, Curry has been unable to get FMVP trophy.

Last summer, carrying a huge pressure on the Warriors Kevin - Duran, now the FMVP trophy, is the best of his return.