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Let’s check the simulated battle of “96 Bulls Vs. The 2017 Warriors” On NBA 2K17 to see who’s the bast.


It’s known to all that the Warriors have won the 2017 NBA title, the only remaining question is where exactly they stand in the pantheon of the league’s all-time great teams. But, still, some people think it wildly premature to compare Warriors with a team like the 96 Bulls, for instance, who own the second-best regular-season record in NBA history and won the fourth of Michael Jordan’s six titles in Chicago.

However, the Warriors had collected the four-headed monster and last year broke those Bulls’ record for regular season wins, so the comparisons are inevitable. To settle this debate once and for all, we turned to NBA 2K17 for the answers. Here, you can enjoy the full simulation and dive into the results in the meanwhile.

There is no surprise that Michael Jordan had a solid showing with 31 points to go along with three rebounds and three assists. Scottie Pippen finished with just 11 points and six assists. Although Steph Curry led the Warriors with 35 points, he just shot 6-of-18 from downtown. Kevin Durant, finished with just 15 points and like Curry shot a dismal 1-of-7 overall from behind the arc.

So there you have it: the Warriors managed a 14-point in front victory in this trans-generational battle, despite a terrible 3-point shooting under their standard performance. Neither team shot the ball particularly well, the Bulls’ lost amounted and dead by making thousands of cuts in this head-to-head battle.

As we mentioned above, both teams didn’t perform very well, but as you can see from the Warriors shot chart, they did much better of getting into the paint and finishing efficiently around the rim. Maybe the 90s rules and more contacts between officials were placed by playing at home because of these rough shooting numbers. 

The warriors won the most important imaginary victory in the history of basketball. The Warriors are clearly the best team ever assembled.