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A Tendency of free agents and trades in NBA 2K18 based on NBA 2K17 Off-Season Rosters

For NBA 2K17 fans, waiting for the release of NBA 2K18 is a anxious process with a variety of reasons, but having the opportunity to play with the rookies, free agents and traded players is as important as the coming game for them.

The NBA offseason has just started for only  a little bit over two weeks and player movement has already taken. What's the pity, once the season is over,  2K will officially stop any updates of roster, but with the feature shared by NBA 2K17's community, gamers can create rookies, add them to a roster and share them with other gamers.

Get in back to the point, for gamers, how to preview NBA 2K18 with off-season rosters on Xbox One and PS4?

Thanks to EmbraceThePace (PS4) and BryanDfor3 (XB1) fans have access updated rosters to use with realistic player ratings, adjusted ages and salaries.

Here comes the steps, download the rosters on your console of choice and here is something you need to follow: 

1. Get to the main menu and select function of "options and features."

2. Select "roster creator," then choose "create a roster." from there.

3. Once the roster picker screen appears, use the triangle or Y button to search for the data. Gamers search by online ID and input the PSN ID or Gamertag as it appears above.

Specific content is, for Xbox One, the roster name is: "2K18 ROOKS, TRADES, & SIGNINGS." while for PS4, the roster name is "2017 Offseason w/All Rookies.".

Save the roster on your hard drive once you've selected it, after that it will be available to you for Play Now, MyGM and MyLeague modes. Although the ratings and salaries aren't official, they are resonable, so downloading these rosters will let you enjoy the fun until NBA 2K18 is released.