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Kyle Lowry rejoins Raptors in NBA Free Agency

According to Players' Tribune essay, the announcement of Kyle Lowry will return to Toronto Raptors could hardly be more significant. Lowry, is the biggest reason the Raptors made the playoffs for the last four years and established themselves as a stable organization, through now his  new deal is reported three years and $100 million, This summer, with his future up in the air, was an inflection point for the franchise. 

If Lowry left, the front office would at least had to consider a full rebuild. Now that he's staying instade of leaving, there is a huge opportunity to try to construct a championship-level roster. Below are two things you need to know about the deal:

Point one: why three years? 

It's a compromise. Toronto could have gone as high as five years and $201 million, the contract which Stephen Curry agreed to will operate once free agency officially started. If Lowry had more options, then it presumably would have had to give him four years. Thus, at 31 years old, he decided to sacrifice some long-term security for a higher per-year salary. 

This will allow Lowry to chase a ring after this contract if the Raptors are still not true contenders. There is a clear three-year window here, and if things don't break right, they will be able to push the reset button after that. From their point of views, they wanted to retain their best player without commit to a contract that would pay him $40 million in the 2021-22 season, or even one that would pay him $30 million-plus the year before that.

Point two: why didn't Lowry have more leverage?

That's all because of Timing. Under the circumstance, no fault made by himself, Lowry wound up being a free agent in a market where only a select group of teams needed a point guard. Leading up to free agency, Houston Rockets were been reported that they were interested in reuniting with him. They traded for Chris Paul. His hometown Philadelphia 76ers, another potential suitor, drafted Markelle Fultz. The Minnesota Timberwolves signed Jeff Teague, the San Antonio Spurs re-signed Patty Mills, the Sacramento Kings drafted De'Aaron Fox, the Dallas Mavericks drafted Dennis Smith and the Utah Jazz traded for Ricky Rubio.