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What Bonuses Come With Preorders in "NBA 2K18"


"NBA 2K18" is placed great expectations to what could be the top basketball game around. The newest update is "NBA 2K18" and it will lanuch on Sept. 19 for a wide range of platforms, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC.

"NBA 2K18" offers not only a version for most current generations of consoles and the PC, but also offers a variety of editions to let gamers to choose from. Besides standard bundles, gamers can get their copy ahead of the September lanuch by pre-ording the packages of extra goods.

Bonuses was added to preorders of The Early Tip-Off Edition, which are yet to be made available as of this time. Preorders of "NBA 2K18" add four days of early access, which means gamers can play the game on Sept 15, four days earlier than lanuch. 5,000 in virtual currency, 10 weekly MyTEAM packs and the Kylie Irvine MyPlayer set rounds out the in-game bonuses for preorders.

According to IGN, for those looking for physical extras and in-game bonuses for $100, "NBA 2K18" provides them The Legend Edition. Cosmetic in-game options include Shaq Attaq shoes, the Rookie Shaq jersey, the Shaq Official Logo shirt, the Shaq "nickname" jersey and a Shaq Championship ring.

These go together with the guaranteed Shaquille O'Neal card for a complete in-game representation of the basketball legend. Twenty MyTEAM card packs are included, as well as a random Team 2K Free Agent card, to build a incrediable team, plus 100,000 in-game currency to deck them out with, based on the game's website.

For Legend Edition in physical edition, which adds an "NBA 2K18" poster, five Panini cards, as well as Shaq MyTEAM stickers to the bundle.

A Legend Edition Gold bundle adds a few more extras to the Legend Edition package. This edition adds everything that the Legend Edition has, for only $150, plus a few more. 150,000 additional currency, 20 more MyTEAM packs, five Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection, alsoKyrie Irving MyPlayer set puts this bundle's in-game items on top of the regular Legend Edition.

This gold edition also adds five more Panini Cards and a lenticular as physical item bonuses.