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No. 1 Pick Fultz Done for Summer Because of His Injured Ankle

Something mournful happend, in the Philadelphia 76ers' summer league game Saturday night againsting Golden State, Markelle Fultz got his left ankle injuried in the court and with help left the court.

Fultz appeared to roll his ankle in the second half and was helped to the locker room by two teammates. The coach of this team Summer Leagun, Lloyd Pierce, said Fultz has been diagnosed with a sprained left ankle and stated Fultz will be treated accordingly.

Fultz will not play in Sunday's game and there is no a specific time for him to come back.

“We'll be as cautious as we can, making sure he's healthy,” Coach Pierce added.

The misery years of 76ers has just past away, Fultz's injured was the last thing the 76ers wanted to see. They have dealt with significant injuries to center Joel Embiid and last year's No. 1 pick, Ben Simmons, over the last three years.

Embiid even tweeted, “Oh no no no, don't do this to us.”

Fultz was taken for X-rays after signed his contract earlier in the day. The former Washington star had eight points in 15 minutes.

“I'm a little bit punch-drunk with the injuries that we've had with our first players selected over the years,” 76ers coach Brett Brown told to the ESPN telecast. But Pierce said he was trying to look at it in a better way.

“It's easy to put that on the history that we've gone through, but no, it's just part of the game,” Pierce added in the end.

The 76ers aimed to take Fultz by pulling off a trade with Boston before the draft in June for which move up from No. 3 to No. 1, the dynamic scoring point guard that GM Bryan Colangelo felt was the perfect piece to put with Simmons and Embiid.

This movement energized a fan base that had been worn down by years of tanking under previous GM Sam Hinkie, though his oft-criticized strategy was finally starting to pay off with the accumulation of talent in Philly.

Also, veterans J.J. Redick and Amir Johnson are both added to The Sixers to supplying the young core and appeared poised to get rolling in the wide-open Eastern Conference.