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The Thunder bears the Grizzlies and falls to the 8th in the West


The Thunder lost to the Grizzlies 103-115 and fell to 8th in the Western Conference. Westbrook and George feel the average. The former scored 16 points and 7 assists in only 6 of 20 shots. The latter made 10 of 29 shots and contributed 30 points and 12 rebounds.

Thunder's other players, Ferguson 13 points, Adams scored 2 points on 1 of 7 shots, Grant 7 points, Schroeder scored 25 points. Grizzlies, Valanciunas 18 points and 14 rebounds, Capo Colo 24 points and 11 rebounds, Wright 18 points and 13 assists, Holleday 17 points and 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Dorsey 21 points and 8 rebounds and 5 assists.


Cabo Klo has just entered the league with the reputation of Durant, but his NBA career is not going well. However, this season in the Grizzlies, Capo Cono gradually found his position. In this game, Capocono's offensive breakthrough and long-range shots play a stable, defensive rebound and block. In the game, Capo Cono made 8 of 13 shots, 4 of 7 from 3-pointers, and ended up with 24 points and 11 rebounds.

In the final quarter, Holliday dunks and long shots scored 5 points, Valanciunas stormed the inside, the Grizzlies once again extended the advantage to double digits. On the Thunder side, Westbrook and George are in poor condition and the team has made consecutive mistakes. Ferguson hit two points and scored three points in the Thunder, but Dorsey also scored a long shot. The Grizzlies led by 13 points in the first three minutes. The Thunder was unable to return to the sky and eventually lost away.