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LeBron James is no Longer the Highest Rated Player in NBA 2k

In the newest update, LeBron went from a 97 all round to a 96 overall, with Antetokoumpo reaching a 96 immediately after starting the year at 94. Houston Rockets star James Harden essentially started the year at a 96, but fell to 94, only to spring back up to a 96.

If you’re wondering, LeBron was really a 98 to begin the year, but the Lakers struggles have brought him down a few points.

You will find currently three players behind James, Harden, and Giannis with an overall rating of 95. These players are Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry.

As the Los Angeles Lakers fell out of playoff contention this season, LeBron James has shouldered a number of the blame for not getting himself given that his injury. He's now beginning to obtain criticism from a lot of sources as no longer getting the very best within the NBA. That may be fair, and according to recent game ratings, it seems like a lot of people could possibly agree. King James may not be basketball's best, a minimum of as of ideal now. Some feel it could possibly be a signal LeBron's disappointing season would be the commence of his downward trajectory as his profession moves towards retirement in the coming years.