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2k Throwback Playoff Moments Cards Arrive


NBA 2K19 launched their Playoffs Moments packs and cards. On April 18, the NBA 2K crew posted a promotional video on Twitter displaying off the very first group of Throwback Playoff Moments cards.

These NBA 2K19 MyTeam cards are a blast in the playoffs of the previous. They consist of former Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, too as All-Star massive man Alonzo Mourning. Each players have Pink Diamond cards available as a part of the new release. That Zo card carries a 98 rating with it, when Rose is actually a 97, and Oladipo is a 96.

Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo is absent from this year’s postseason as a result of injury. Having said that, he came up massive within the team’s series against LeBron James plus the Cavaliers last postseason. He’s got the third Pink Diamond revealed so far and it includes a 96 rating with it.

You can find also six other players who have been unsung heroes inside the NBA Playoffs. JR Smith (94) and George McGinnis (95) have Diamond cards obtainable. Fans can locate 92-rated Avery Bradley and Bruce Bowen Amethyst cards. You can find also 89-rated Ruby cards for Matt Barnes and Tony Allen. All of the cards are offered for just a single week from now.

The best way to get NBA 2K19 Throwback Playoffs Moments cards

Gamers can attempt to acquire the cards above by going to the NBA 2K19 MyTeam mode in the game and then going for the Pack Market. Scroll towards the “Playoffs Throwback Moments” packs. They start off out at 7,500 Virtual Currency or ten,500 MT for any single pack. That pack provides a opportunity at pulling one of the limited time Throwback Playoffs Moments players.

To buy ten packs will expense 67,500 in VC and offers a greater likelihood at pulling a number of those unique cards. For 135,000 VC, gamers can obtain 20 packs for a lot more probabilities to score one of these Pink Diamond Derrick Rose or other hot cards.

Naturally, if you’ve got the MT built up, there’s always the Auction House. At this time, the D-Rose card is going for a bid over 330,000 MT. Those Zo and Oladipo PD cards are also fetching a hefty bidding price tag of more than 100,000 MT every.