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Nuggets win the Spurs 3-2

The Nuggets beat the Spurs 108-90, the series scored a 3-2 lead, Murray is the biggest hero, he scored 21 points in the fourth quarter of the second game, helping the Nuggets complete a 19-point reversal. In the fourth game, 24 points broke the white and became the key to winning.

In today's game, Murray once again played a smart and dominant performance. He scored three points in the game, scored on the outside with a misplaced position, and cut the inside line to complete 2+1, and frequently sent a good pass. Ball and assists.

Murray was able to perform such a performance, all in the Nuggets system, without too much personal heroism, which allowed the Nuggets to play an excellent overall basketball, which is a young player with a high ceiling.Jokic's data today is not particularly eye-catching, but he also played very well and played the role of the Nuggets' offensive axis. The role on the defensive end is not reflected in the data.