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NBA 2k19 throwback New Playoffs Moments Cards Now


the legenday Dave Cowens and NBA logo man himself Jerry West both join the MyTeam Throwback Playeroffs Moments cards now, and the subsequent offered Moments Player Cards:

Penny Hardaway - Pink Diamond (97)*
Reggie Lewis - Diamond (95)*
Chris Kaman - Diamond (95)
Josh Smith - Amethyst (92)
Serge Ibaka - Amethyst (92)*
Gerald Green - Ruby (89)
Tiago Splitter - Ruby (89)*

Cards marked with an “*” denote these that happen to be offered for less than 24 hours. All the other cards are in packs for the subsequent week. In order that means gamers can now add Gerald Green, Josh Smith, and Chris Kaman to their squads. Actually, if placing with each other a Celtics group, that Gerald Green could function properly together with the Cowens.
These packs are going for 7,500 Virtual Currency every single or 10,500 MT at the MyTeam Industry. To purchase 10 packs requires 67,500 VC although 20 packs will set gamers back 135,000 VC. Acquiring packs merely bring a opportunity of landing one of these top-rated cards shown above.

Gamers may also buy person player cards they want more than at the MyTeam Auction Property. Nevertheless, these carry some high rates. For example, the Jerry West NBA 2K19 Pink Diamond has present bids of 100,000 MT resulting from getting a smaller point guard.