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Rivers: Warriors won by luck did not run into the playoffs us

October 9, according to CSN sports network reported, and Mark - Kuban finished the war of words, Doug - Rivers and recently stunned the world and represents the old foes to win a game of luck Golden State Warriors last season, leading the Warriors generals counterattack.

Today difficult to see one day challenge for the Warriors. Las Vegas odds to win, to Charles Barkley - mouth, now Rivers also joined the camp.

In an interview recently Grantland Zach - When Lowe interview, Doc Rivers said the Warriors last season to win a game of luck. "In the West mix you need luck to see the Warriors it," Rivers said. "They did not last season's playoffs and the Spurs hit us but it is also a revelation for us: When you have the opportunity to be close to the total When the champion, you have to grasp. "

J.J- Reddick also echoed the coach's view. "I would not say that we will be able to phase out the Warriors, but if we can break into the Western Conference finals, it also has a chance. But I have given up to explain what happened ...... Warriors is the league's best team, but they also account the best advantage. "

This statement questioned the generals against the Clippers, the Warriors attitude is to let it go, perhaps because a similar question to them is commonplace.

"I have always regarded these as a joke, until we can respond to these people," Bradley Richmond - Green said, "This is a new season, we tried to become stronger, to win the championship again, and not to care about some. people make irresponsible remarks on last season. What are these totally irrelevant ...... people casually say it, but if we just live in the past, simply can not win again. That's not our concern. "

If Green has tired similar question, because he must understand two things children. First, this kind of question will continue, especially when the Warriors suffered twists and turns in the season; second, from the previous point of view, questioning not automatically disappear.

"We are the champions," Green said, "This is where I intended to, and we will receive championship rings at (local time) on October 27, I only worry about this .NBA History will remember that we are the champions, no one can put it away. Big guys are just saying that, but they will not defeat us, so it does not matter. "

Because coach Steve - Cole is still sidelined with injuries and proxy coach duties - Luke Walton after hearing the words of Rivers, he was silent for a few seconds. Then he said it would not respond directly Rivers, but he also revealed that his mentor Phil - Jackson often made negative comments about the other team, this incentive as a means to this team.

Walton then deliberately asked whether the Clippers last season, the Warriors have the opportunity to meet the Western Conference finals, the answer of course is no. In the West the second round, the Clippers once in a great situation leading 3-1, was brutally rocket comeback. Warriors Clippers did not like the old enemy, but like a rocket.

Rivers remarks, it is no surprise. In recent years, the Warriors and the Clippers are one pair of well-known NBA rivals, the two teams clash always fiery, Taking a war of words between the two players is endless. 2013-14 season, the first round of the two teams fight lasting seven games, the Clippers cut, only to fall by the wayside actually one year after the first win on their own, no wonder the Clippers would unbalance the generals.