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Only he! China's largest brand of star game 11 years, we wait until the end and you

After a lapse of 11 years, Michael - Jordan once again appeared in China in front of Chinese fans. This time, with the Charlotte Hornets owner identity debut "basketball gods", a venue in China in the coming season, would attract fans in the audience Shan Hu tsunami-like cheers, and such treatment is Hornets and the Clippers two players are unmatched.

Jordan has visited China in 2004, that time in Beijing, Dongguan, Hong Kong and Taipei have left a trapeze figure, but this is the only time Jordan had come to China.
Jordan came to China in 2004 had received an exclusive interview with Sina 2004 China had told Sina interview Jordan

This year, the team signed by Chinese star Jeremy Lin opportunities, as well as NBA China Games in the east, as the Hornets boss Jordan finally once again came to China, and every appearance boss Joe after China, almost all led to the site the situation out of control, it also illustrates Jordan retired for many years, is still in the hearts of the majority of fans in China occupies a pivotal position.

After coming to China, boss Joe action secretive, little exposure in the media and fans. Prior to the New Orleans Hornets NBA Cares, the league president Adam - Silverstone personally attend, but we failed to see Joe the boss figure. And wait until today's press conference before the game, Jordan was the Clippers as a team owner and boss Ballmer appeared together in the press room.

In China game the Clippers and Hornets Section II, we finally the long-awaited debut in the game, Jordan. And another NBA legend Patrick - Ewing together, Jordan by the cheerleaders led the Hornets to the central court, to the scene of the Shenzhen fans waved, but the audience has even the most enthusiastic applause of the fans gave their mind " basketball gods. "

As the sole focus of the audience after thereafter, Joe boss in the sidelines of the team's early exit on the third quarter. But even so, the scene of the fans was lucky, because it is 11 years later, Jordan again genuineness appear in front of Chinese fans.

Jordan, he let 23 become legendary code, he led a generation of basketball memories, but also he made NBA swept the globe. From the Bulls dynasty, the first visit to China 04 years, to now the second time in his capacity as the visiting team boss, having been over Pentecost, but Jordan or that lever scale, all of our fans in mind "Basketball God. "