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Warriors coach a rare complication of surgery can not be determined return date

ESPN reported that the Golden State Warriors coach Steve - Cole in July accepted a back surgery, has been absent since the team's training and competition until today. Today, in an interview, he revealed himself why long-term recuperation of the main reasons that there is a leakage of spinal fluid situation, and can not determine the return date.

"I accept the first surgery, there has been leakage of spinal fluid," Cole explained to the media, "this situation is rare, happening very occasionally, it is wrapped dural spine during surgery inadvertently appear small gap. I started leaking spinal cord, and then spent a month's time to find the crux, often experience headaches and other symptoms during. "

With the discovery of cracks, Cole local time on September 4 underwent a second operation, the problem has been fixed.

"Cracks have been repaired, but there is still some of the fallout exist, which is why I continue to miss the reason." Cole said.

But Cole also said that his condition is getting better: "I want to tell all of you what I have experienced, what is really in the whole thing because I think the Bay Area, there are a lot of people are curious about this in the end is how. the same thing. "

As for his own when to return, Cole said he could not give a clear answer.

"This relates to the body's self-regulating," Cole said, "Unfortunately, this is not like a sprained ankle, one to two weeks alone. This thing can not say, there are many variables, but we are have confidence that I will eventually be fine. This is my current situation, I would not establish a clear timetable for his return date. "