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James McDonald endorsement end switch Brothers first took to eat a pizza

October 12, "Cleveland Plain Dealer" reported on Friday, LeBron - James announced the end of partnership with McDonald's, switching to pizza chain "Blaze Pizza" 's, as their spokesperson.

It is reported that the main treatment Blaze Pizza to LeBron out that is more than 10% of the shares, so let James Wong We obviously satisfied, so the first time starting the publicity.

Cavaliers in this morning arranged a training session, after the team to Columbus, preparing for tomorrow's preseason game against the Grizzlies. Take advantage of this opportunity, with his teammates JR- James Smith, Mo - Williams and James - Jones visited Blaze Pizza is located along a local chain, and carried through Twitter and Instagram to share.

In fact, through social media Blaze Pizza publicity, it is the company to one of the main tasks of LeBron. After all, as of today the league's most influential players, he has many followers (the number of fans on Twitter only as many as 24 million) in social media.

"I have confidence in the company, to have confidence in their vision, all of them have confidence in the way they make pizza as well as business operations all genuine, and I hope to be able to participate." On the Road Blaze Pizza James said, "you know, I am very excited about working with them. "

This morning's training session, when the gym is open to reporters, the court has gone LeBron trace. But Cavaliers coach David - Blatter said, before LeBron has completed all training content team.

"He trained well, like everyone else. He trained very hard, and our whole training sessions are also done very well." Blatter said.

A war against the Grizzlies tomorrow, LeBron is expected starter, but then back to back games against the Bucks, he will get a chance to rest.

It is worth mentioning that, just yesterday, JR, Little Mo and LeBron also join his friend and business partner Maworuike - Carter's birthday party, it seems that the relationship between the three individuals get along quite bad.