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LaMarcus - Aldridge 17 + 8 Duncan never miss Spurs comeback tragic loss to Miami

Dwyane - Dwyane Wade scored 16 points, Luol - Deng 11 points and Chris Bosh - 7 from 2, 9 points 7 rebounds, Golan - Dragic 5 points and three assists. Gerrard came off the bench - Green 17 points, Taylor - Johnson 14 points.

Spurs preseason Liangbai two wars. LaMarcus - Aldridge had 17 points and eight rebounds, Tim Duncan - debuted 7 shots, and scored 14 points and six rebounds, test Wye - Leonard 14 points and seven rebounds, Tony - Parker 8 points and 5 assists.

GDP opener combination of rest, are today unveiled. Manu - Manu Ginobili came off the bench, 4 from 3, scored 10 points.

Spurs head start to 7-0 start. Aldridge in good condition, the first section scored 10 points, the Spurs to 25-22 a slight advantage.

Section two sides exchange a large scale, but not the shooting competition, rather than continue to cause destruction in the basket, the parties frequently took to the free throw line. Aldridge This section Adds 4 points, the Spurs to 58-53 lead. Duncan remained stable, this section 4 from 4, scored eight points.

Spurs in the third quarter to expand the advantage. This section concludes with 4 minutes 30 seconds, they only let the Heat to hit a ball, Aldridge and Manu Ginobili have been shot, after the Spurs play 7-2 to 84-71 ahead 13 points.

After all the main break, the Spurs in the fourth quarter in trouble, this section played 10 minutes, they just hit a ball. Heat to a wave of 21-3 frenzied attack in the game 2 minutes 14 seconds to 92-87 lead.