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7000 Mr. Wan calf after the first 3 minutes and 25 trainees in 21 also dunk

According to the NBA's official website reported that their injury Mavericks finally ushered in good news, they spend lots of money in the summer to sign defender Wesley - Matthews Achilles tendon injury rehabilitation have made new progress, he Today for the first time took part in the team's training.

This is Matthews since March torn Achilles tendon injuries suffered six months, for the first time onto the pitch for training. Although no training has been too long, but Matthews did not seem too much skill deterioration in today's training, his third ball a total of 25 cast 21, and also completed a alley-oop dunk.

"Have we a training feel good," After training, Matthews told reporters, "competing with teammates, this feels great. However, I am now the activity is subject to restrictions, it has been There did not play for six months, and I have not really recovered, and now this is not the real me. "

"The next job is to see the reaction of my body tomorrow morning, but I am confident that the body's reaction will be the same as before the normal." Matthews added.

This is the first return to training Matthews from March 11 to accept the Achilles tendon repair surgery since, however, that he is fully recovered from the distance there is a period of not small. According to previous doctors expected his injuries might take about eight months to complete recovery. Although he had previously expressed the wish to return in the new season opener, but the Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said that Matthews might want to be completed around Christmas in Dallas debut.

Matthews joined the Mavericks this summer, in D'Andre - Jordan returned after his new contract total was increased to $ 70 million for four years, but want to see his performance will have to wait a while. However, this has been regarded as one of the Mavericks for the latest good news, after one of their other starting backcourt same Injured, Deron - Williams just from the previous leg injury which rehabilitation, and He strained his right leg in training. The new season has not yet begun, the Mavericks on the injured list has been lying over the patient.