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Ross after the first report rejoin coach: he was almost sick of Biechu

"Chicago Tribune" reported today, the Bulls guard Derrick - Rose rejoin first report since the orbital fractures, he is expected to begin later this week to resume training.

Ross was hurt by the September 30, underwent surgery the following day, the team was originally assigned to postoperative recovery period of two weeks. However, in the recovery process, Ross facial swelling slower than expected, so even resume training this week, is also expected to only do some running exercises.

Still, the Bulls have not ruled out participating in Ross October 28 regular season opener against Cleveland possibility of a war, but the situation for some time, he recovered and for the adaptation of wearing masks, will directly determine whether he can return in time .

"His eyes are still somewhat vague, the wound is still badly swollen." Bulls coach Fred - Hoy Borg described in an interview, "but compared to a week ago, I have seen, he is definitely improved a. "

Hoy Borg also said he plans to shoot in the morning training after school, to accompany Ross recalled together video game, doing the preparatory work outside the stadium.

"So far the court he can not do any training, I hope the next two days he can get permission, at least at the point of sweat activity, to run a race." Hoey Borg said, "As long as he do some running exercises are It is helpful. Everyone learning styles are not the same, I think that after his return to participate immediately if the tactical running, it will be a very important thing. "

"But he should be able to progress quickly to keep up with the team, we do a lot of things are the same as before, but added some more other options. Derek standing position, the most important thing to come out, he almost Biechu sick, so have the opportunity to return to the team is very important. "Hoey Borg added.

In today's training session, although unable to participate in any activity, but you can see Ross and coaches, teammates laughing. Due to the team after the end of shooting training organized team meetings, the reporter did not get the opportunity to interview Ross, but the coach still Hoy Borg answered many questions.

This morning, the Bulls will usher in the challenge at home to pelicans, Huo Shuai said, the game will be the team's starting lineup by the Kirk - Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy - Butler, Tony - Snell, Nico Pull - Mirotic and Paul - Gasol, center Joe Gold - Noah because of knee injuries sidelined for the second consecutive game.

"His knee is still a little tight, but nothing serious." Hoey Borg On the Road, "he finished shooting training, but we would be cautious about him, make sure he's one hundred percent healthy knee let him play."