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Lakers new magician? Scott: Russell has a passing intuition

According to "The Lakers Nation" reported that since the start of the preseason, the Lakers place show D'Angelo - Russell has demonstrated impressive passing ability. In this regard, the Lakers coach Byron - Scott was very happy when he was in the evaluation of Russell even moved out of the former teammate, NBA history's greatest point guard "Magic" Johnson.

Yesterday, the Lakers and Maccabi preseason, Russell came off the bench 18 minutes and sent out 11 assists. Today, many people are talking about Russell incredible passing ability, even if it might make his turnovers increased, but hope Scott Russell in the game boldly sent that look risky pass ball.

"I think you have to let your intuition to control everything." Scott says of Russell, "I think the players are beginning to realize that when they do not consider themselves in the space time, but sometimes if he ( Russell) think you are in space, then you have to prepare his body for this and 'Magic' is the same. When the 'Magic' on the court, you must make sure that your hands do (pick ball) ready, and you have to watch him, because even if he did not see you, he'll give you a pass. D'Angelo's body there are many such instincts. I think (the Lakers) players are learning When playing with him, you must always be ready. "

When asked Russell what areas need improvement, Scott said he hoped the second place show better able to control the attack time, and learn when to use after the first failure of tactics do not try to use a new tactics.

Maccabi's game with the Lakers yesterday, Russell that as long as his teammates on the pitch in the space, he will put the ball past in an interview. Lakers starting center Roy - Hibbert believes that Russell is expected to become Rookie of the Year.