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Odom unconscious in critical condition caused by a suspected serving aphrodisiac

October 14 "TMZ" reports, Lamar - Lamar Odom is doing with death struggle! And this is not sensational! News source confirmed: Tuesday, the 35-year-old former NBA star appeared in Nevada City, South Pa Lunpu an entertainment called "Love Farm", and was found unconscious in the box, unconscious.

News source said that before this, Odom in "Love Farm" with more than one woman revel in a few days, and while taking an herbal alternative to Viagra for trying. In the afternoon, a woman entered Odom's VIP suite, found that he has no consciousness. The woman seeing panic eclipsed, immediately screamed to manage personnel, after the duty manager called 911.

In the process of waiting for an ambulance, duty manager Odom's body turned up to find his nose and mouth have transparent viscous liquid. Then the ambulance arrived at the scene, Pa Lunpu Odom sent to a local hospital, the doctor immediately for plug catheter, indicating that Odom has been difficult breathing on his own.

In order to get better treatment, and then enable the relevant parts of the helicopter will be located in Las Vegas, Odom sent to medical facilities and medical capacity and better hospitals. According to the news source said: the situation is not optimistic.

It is reported that this is alone to Odom "Love Farm" pleasure, and no other friends around. And now, he is still receiving treatment at the hospital alone, without any friends and family companion. "Love Farm" sent on behalf of you want to enter the room, but because the identity of the limit (non-immediate family members), has not been approved.

Lamar - Lamar Odom current status as an unrestricted free agent, was originally planned to go to Spain in the gold rush of the season. In August an interview when he was talking about, and Kohler - Kardashian marriage breakdown, completely ruined his life. As for the thousands of fans who are familiar with and like the NBA star players, regardless of whether he can ride out the ultimate life-threatening, the news is shocking enough and regret.

According to the latest news, Kohler - Kardashian and Kim - Kardashian sisters have been notified and rushed to the hospital to visit Odom.

At present the details of this incident are still being followed up, please pay attention to our follow-up reports.