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James no longer played the preseason or the opener next see him fight bulls?

October 16, "Cleveland Plain Dealer" reported that Cleveland Cavaliers coach David - Blatter revealed that in order to ensure the health team, LeBron - James may no longer played in the preseason game this year.

This morning, the Knights ushered to the Indiana Pacers, the game, James and in the absence of any major injury cases were discharged in the list of appearances Blatter outside. But before that, he also has missed Wednesday's game at home against the Bucks, and last week's game against the 76ers.

Accordance with the schedule, the Cavaliers preseason games to play as well as the last two, which are next Monday against the Raptors and Mavericks on Tuesday. According to Blatter saying, "wait until early next week when we look at the situation now."

"Of course I do not expect him to participate in any game, I do not know whether he will attend." Blatter said.

Of course, James' team status and influence, if he wants to participate in one of the games of words, Blatter will certainly listen to him. But since this is his career 13 season last year, just missed the record of 13 games, but the injury problems the team suffered a major loss, presumably he also tends to rest. Prior to participating in the two preseason games, James averaged 11 points and 3.5 rebounds and 4 assists.

"We're really LeBron state into training camp when I am happy," Blatter said in an interview before today's game, "he kept great stature, trained very, very hard, we hope to be in season beginning to take good care of his body. As you know, the great legend in his career, has experienced too much rushing Lawton, we will try to reduce his loss in the preseason. So tonight choose to let him rest. "

In the previous 12-year career, James cumulative reach 43,330 minutes of playing time, but which has not yet considered the preseason and summer represented the United States national team in international competitions and the screening. From 2011 until last season, the team where he has been for five consecutive years finals.

He said it was important also important preseason, the team can take the opportunity running team, but because of the situation Cavaliers frequent, Carey - Owen, Iman - Hong Porter, Kevin - Lufkin are sidelined with injuries in (there renewal minors Tristan - Thompson), so even if James played, but also enough people full lineup. So from this point of view, he did not need to play.

"For us the most important now is healthy, good performance in the race to play as much as possible, but at the same time to avoid the risk, to ensure that players are able to prepare for the regular season, the curtain." Blatter said.

And James himself, said he was in good condition except outside, did not disclose too many other cases. As for Monday's game, he just gives a very official answer: "My plan is to be ready for every game, to help my team win."

Cavs regular season opener is scheduled for October 28, against the Bulls. After that, they will have challenges ushered in Memphis and Miami.