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Stoudemire shelling two-term coach in New York: I was a waste of talent and melon

According to "New York Post" reported that this summer before joining the Miami Heat All-Star center Amare Stoudemire Knicks coach before shelling in an interview, noting that when he and Carmelo Anthony - this striking combination is wasted.

Stoudemire said he and Anthony would like to have more screens in the field the opportunity, but the Knicks coach who is not recognized. Although not named, but Stoudemire is likely to be referred to the former Knicks coach Mike - Mike D'Antoni and - Woodson.

"I do not think we (me and Anthony) together have more than enough opportunity to play in the field." Stoudemire said, "Then I went back to the bench and as a sixth man, even a seventh person. When I was on the court, plum Luo often end up. When we were together on the floor, we played some fantastic pick and roll. "

"I do not think the advantage screens between me and Romero are good use of his shooting, outside the holding capacity, coupled with my ability to attack the basket, and this could be a great combination for. But I do not think at that time (the Knicks) coaching staff really accept this. "

At first, the combination of Anthony and Stoudemire Knicks are considered to be the cornerstone of the revival, but they partner of these years, the Knicks never break through the second round of the playoffs.

"Sometimes, we can make greater use of this opportunity." Stoudemire continued, "but it does not depend on me and Romero, but on the coaching staff can find a solution. But we've never been able to find right tactical system to solve this problem. "

Eventually, Stoudemire reach contract buyout agreement with the Knicks in the mid-season. This time, he revealed in an interview in the Knicks last season and there are not enough players to believe and accept the triangle offense.

But for this season, the Knicks, Stoudemire said he saw a great performance of the players, but also seems to have accepted their role in the offensive end, he also paid special tribute to the Knicks' fourth show Boer Tianjin Gisborne.

"I've been watching him." Stoudemire said. "He can be a good play its own characteristics. You can see that he is not afraid of pressure, and his style of play in this league, if we really want to become their own total It takes time, but he was able to quickly play their own characteristics, this is great. "