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Singles Wang shelling Lakers: Some do not play video games NBA dictatorship

Los Angeles Lakers on the road suffered a defeat, they lost to the Golden State Warriors 77-111, seeing the other side to get to open season 16-game winning streak in front of their own, which created a new record in the league. The Lakers have suffered after losing four straight, they continue to bottom in the West, the league's only as good as the Philadelphia 76ers Lakers record. Watching the team's poor performance, Nick - Young bluntly team was "dictatorial" without taking into account the team's performance.

After the Lakers defeat, Yang accepted the interview, when asked about the Lakers need to improve in what areas, Yang replied: "We can not always let a person to decide all things, we have to play like a team that went . "

Slight pause, Yang went on to say: "We can not be like playing video games, as always use your favorite shots a player, you understand that we want to play the game as a team, everyone has to present up to share the ball?. "

Such words from Yang's mouth and say it, really strange, because everyone knows him in the NBA nickname is the "singles king", the ball into his hands is difficult and transmits it. But now even he said so, you know the Lakers question now is indeed very serious.

Bryant Young is actually criticizing or coach Scott, which also can not be determined, or even insinuation gave two people bring. But US media have pointed out before Scott Bryant just a puppet, he did not take into account the team, but Bryant unchecked. Now the Lakers finally someone to stand up to this publication dissatisfied, not knowing what the next trigger.

Of course, these comments released Yang also slightly lack of confidence, because of his personal performance is not satisfactory. A war with the Warriors, Young shot 3 of 10 three-pointers six shots 1, only seven points, one rebound and one assist, second only to Kobe Bryant in his bad hand from beyond the arc. If Bryant has been in spite of the team's singles, then Yang is the same, he also did not take into account the interests of the team.

Young this season, averaging only 9.3 points and shooting 41.1 percent, which is lower than his career-average, only 41.3% three-pointers better than his career average. Yang's last three games state is in the doldrums, a total of only three games scored 17 points, he did not play a role off the bench scoring team needs.

Regardless of the Young, or the Lakers, they are now the most urgent needs is the ability to unite as one, in the field as the team that went to play, but not everyone has their own ideas, only to consider how to express themselves.