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James: Loew will enter the All-Star he was very aggressive internally and externally

"Akron Beacon" reported, the season just started a month's time, and now it seems too early to talk about the All-Star. But LeBron - James did not think so, at the time when an interview earlier today, he openly declared that teammate Kevin - Lufkin will be able to this year's All-Star team was selected.

"He was an All-Star player, he showed All-Star level, but also will serve as the representative of our team in the East stand." James said. "He played very aggressive, many more in the paint attack, continue to hone their skills inside and outside the line, so that the internally and externally. He did not meet on their own performance, if it so, I will support him. We do not have problem. "

Currently, Lufkin averaging 11.7 rebounds ranked first in the east all forward players, while scoring 19.4 points ranked fifth. Loew will not know their All-Star last season, because the Cavaliers before the All-Star only routed Eastern fifth. But if they can maintain this momentum in the lead, the team will be eligible to have a number of players including James, including selected.

Carey - Owen has not play because of injury, the latest news shows his earliest until mid-December will be back, unless he was elected to the fans voted able to send, because otherwise he would have lost too much lack Played by coach elected to the All-Star qualifications. In this case, Loew naturally become the most preferred than James Cavaliers.

"If we can hold the first rank, I believe that such a thing would happen. But now, I have not even began to focus on this matter." Loew said, "I'm just glad far better some of my rhythm I also want to continue to progress and play a better performance. "

Last season, Lufkin, averaging only 16.4 points 9.7 rebounds, showed a substantial decline compared to the previous data at the time of the Timberwolves. Plus knight poor record, he eventually losing All-Star team. This summer, Lufkin and knights renewed a five-year $ 110 million worth of the maximum salary contract, settled down after God, the state is also a strong rebound, in addition to the previously mentioned rebounding and scoring, he has beyond the arc also cast a 38.5% accuracy, hit three-pointers per game 2.7 is hitting a career high.