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A moment to pay tribute to the legendary hero eternal youth Bryant thank you!

It has long been in doubt, with Bryant personally write a statement on, and finally completely lifted. Although mentally prepared, but we grew up a legend is about to leave, my heart still smoldering with a strong feeling of regret. But calm down and think about it, for him, is probably the best choice.

In fact, as early as two years ago, when the "Big 4" disintegration, Bryant torn Achilles tendon injury recovery soon suffered a serious knee injury left tibial plateau fracture since, on "rebuilding the Lakers, Kobe Bryant retired" topic, it It has already begun in a small area looming. However, Bryant was still only 35 years old, loves his fans want to believe that he will come back to prove his magic again.

However, age and injuries these two demons, always ruthless. More than two years, Bryant has repeatedly injury, recovery, looking back and forth struggle between state, while the Lakers are caught in a trough on the club's history, more than every day, he seems to turn away from us a little. Gradually, more and more voices began to point out: Kobe Bryant, really should leave.

In the beginning, a statement from the Lakers inside. Team president Jim - Bass out after a two-year $ 48.5 million contract, several times in public, suggesting that this may be the last contract of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Obviously, standing with his point of view, in the years and appreciate the contribution of more than Kobe, but also from the heart, hope the team can overthrow early again.

As to the topic of speculation for the existence and prosperity of the media, naturally will not let such a popular focal point, and as the state struggled this season, Bryant has always had its fetish of the reporters, have begun to revolt, ruthlessly pointed out: "Kobe should get out of control", "Bryant too conceited illegible reality", "Bryant a 50-year data the worst," Oprah Stephen Smith recently -A- is explicitly stated in the program: Kobe You should retire now!

Including Kobe some loyal fans who have begun in good faith to persuade idol Jiliuyongtui. Just a few days ago, when Bryant's game against the Warriors threw 14 1 performance, but after the game still believe we can quickly back feel, what had been the occasion of its "kneel lick" of Pistons guard Brandon - Jennings can not agree. "Yo, listen, it was time to retire." Jennings wrote on Twitter.

Bryant then his heart, whether for retirement has been psychologically prepared? Of course, even then stubborn, unyielding even then, smart as Kobe Bryant, also must love to know this is a matter of sooner or later face. Otherwise, he would not hire a crew to shoot with their daily, a record last time posture.

If before the start of the season, Bryant also just will retire after this season as a very likely choice, then with the deepening of the season, seeing his struggling, and gradually realize the powerless, his determination to leave must also gradually strengthened. And the choice at this point in time to announce this decision, on the one hand, is to give people an explanation, but also can relieve a lot of stress and confusion, in order to make yourself more relaxed state of mind, enjoy the evening time.

Bryant can not play? Of course, can! In addition to the Lakers, the team will have ready at the end of the season as he presented a contract? The answer is obvious. However, proud as Kobe, certainly can not stand hunched, "left" and prefer a high note, "leave." However, as the Lakers home slogan said: Heroes come and go but Legends are foreve.

Parting is sad, but mature, it means you have to have the courage to face any possible pain. Goodbye, Kobe! Goodbye, youth.