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Bryant hit a key ball away to cut 31 points off the Wizards ended the Lakers losing streak

Lakers in the leading 19 points in the case was overturned almost final away to 108-104 victory over the Wizards.

The Lakers (3-15) ended seven straight. - Kobe Bryant scored in the final 1 minute 5 minutes, scored a season-high 31 points. Jordan - Clarkson scored 18 points, Julius - Randall 15 points and 19 rebounds, D'Angelo - Russell 13 points off the bench Louis - Williams 12 points.

End Wizards (7-9) four-game winning streak. - John Wall scored 34 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds, Marcin - Gortat 18 points and 10 rebounds, Bradley - Bill 11 points and six assists.

Bryant's farewell tour, every game will be full. Even yesterday's game against the 76ers, are packed to bid farewell to the audience. Bryant returned to his hometown, and gave 76 people a victory, so they ended a record 28-game losing streak.

The Lakers are still bogged down in the quagmire of their own. Faced with the Wizards, they accidentally fire broke out, the first half was achieved 19 points advantage, but such a big advantage also failed to keep, was almost overturned.

Bryant made two free throws in the first section there are 8 minutes 33 seconds, the first score. Nearly one minute later, he hit a jumper in the distance, the audience cheered, many people jumped up, Bryant has become home. This section will be more than half, Bryant hit third, followed by Clarkson he assists, the Lakers made a 20-14 advantage. Bryant end after the break, the Lakers continue to expand the advantage to 34-22 end of this section.

Lakers this season has been largely abandoned, there is no pressure to win, Bryant also free to sell on the pitch. Section II he was shot eight times, three times hit. In this section there are 7 minutes 40 seconds, he turned in the cast succeeded, leading the Lakers to 45-29. Up to 53-34 when the Lakers leading by 19 points, but in this section last 4 minutes and 32 seconds failed to hit a ball, the Wizards shot 17-4 after the first half only to 51-57 behind.

Bill and Dudley have hit the third, the Wizards began the third quarter with a wave of 11-4, in one fell swoop to 62-61 exceeded. The two teams back to the same starting line, then into a bitter struggle. In this section there are 4 minutes, Wall made two free throws, the Wizards to 71-72 behind a sub. In the last four minutes, the Wizards hit only one ball, the Lakers to 78-75 end of the first three quarters. Bryant shot only twice in this section, failed to hit.

More than half of the fourth quarter, Bryant hit the third, the Lakers ahead again 90-87. After the Wizards to 91-90 beyond, but also in the cast for the Lakers Kobe advantage. The two sides alternately lead, fight to the last 1 second.

There is 1 minute 08 seconds in the game, the Wizards to 99-98 lead. Bryant decisive attack, hit a three-pointers, the Lakers 101-99 exceeded. Gortat After the score, but also in the cast succeeded Bryant, the Lakers ahead again in the game when there are 30.8 seconds.

Williams steals succeeded critical moment, hit two free throws, while the Wizards are not in the cast. There are 12.7 seconds in the game when, Randall made two free throws, the Lakers leading 106-101.

Wall also to a record third, 7.9 seconds in the game, the Wizards to only 104-106 behind. Clarkson hit two free throws, the Wall once again long shot, failed to hit, the Wizards lost by the wayside.