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29 + 9 + 7 data plump skinny ending fight closure could not condemning Harden

Houston Rockets on the road to 105-116 loss to the Detroit Pistons, Rockets core James - Harden played 42 minutes, 6 of 15 shots to get 29 points, nine rebounds and seven assists and two steals.

Poor performance of the Rockets this season, although the last two war victory over the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks, but their track performance was disappointing. The game, the Rockets face a little bit strong Detroit, quickly show their colors.

The first section of the game, the Rockets played fairly positive, the twin towers tactics played a certain effect. Clint - Capella and Dwight - Howard a 2 vote 2, a 3 vote 2, scored 4 points, respectively, Howard also grabbed five rebounds, Capella is contributing 1 rebounds 1 assists and 1 steal . Harden is also very positive, although the hit rate is not high, but he was 2 6 scored a team-high six points and three rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal sent.

Section 8 points behind the Rockets to 21-29, but the second quarter despite drastic changes. Piston how to play how there, but the Rockets are lacking a bit of luck. Harden play after the first ball is 26 feet outside the blacksmith, the second ball is bad, the third attack after rebounds tipped blacksmith, the fourth attack that led to the Reggie - Jackson fouls, free throws get the two points - but this time, the second quarter only 2 minutes 02 seconds.

Harden can not say that there is no try. Section last 20 seconds. Harden surgeon last attack, holding the ball bearded watch each other's formation, first one had lost a pop, and then facing Aaron - Baines and double team layup succeed.

Harden is undoubtedly the team's most hard worker. From the vital interests, the Harden is the first card rocket, rocket gave him the biggest contract, he needs to come up with performance to prove himself worthy of the price. From Union unspoken rules, the Harden single-handedly drove the coach Kevin - McHale, hidden behind this behavior of a logic - general manager Daryl - Morey rocket as official representative of the team in the process station , he chose to stand there utilitarian side of Harden instead of just standing more McHale side. In other words, the rocket in order to support Harden, has bet his own justice. If Harden can not shut everyone's mouth with the results, then the rocket can be described as throw good money off soldiers, then, Harden could be overturned. This, Deron - Williams did, Howard also did - Deron forced to leave coach Sloan, Howard drove a big Van Gundy, but ultimately, they also have to be sent away his old club.

Therefore, the Rockets can not fight other players, but Harden must fight. Fourth quarter last 35 seconds, Thornton shot, Reggie Jackson - grabbed the rebound, the game has basically locked the results. But Harden then still trying to grab rebounds, and Jackson already control the ball in the case, trying to recover the body steals. See, Harden is very hard, the effort, the McHale era are rare.

Unfortunately, everything is not back. Harden campaign 6 of 15 shots, scored 29 points, hit a ball an average of 5 points. Another 9 rebounds and 7 assists and 2 steals for Houston. Perfect data, change does not come perfect results, this may sentence the old saying: the people scattered, the team with the bad.