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KD: The third is notified surgery crash crying learning leadership skills KG


Thunder headed star Kevin - Durant recently accepted an interview with ESPN, the state despite a comeback this season is very good, but he believes he can still get better. Turning to a foot injury last season, Adu admits that she once felt collapse.

2013-14 season, Durant won the regular season MVP, but last season, he was suffering from foot problems, and underwent foot surgery three times. According to Durant he said, when the doctor told he needed to accept a third surgery, the former league MVP and the total collapse of a cry.

"It's a bit like death, to be honest, it hurt me deeply," Durant said, "because I want to play, I am eager to return to the court, I am eager to compete."

"But they (doctors) told me: 'Look, the players can recover from this injury over this injury and Yao - Bill Walton is not the same, it is not the same kind of injury.'" He continued "So I try to maintain a positive attitude, and felt that if I could come back the same effort, everything will be on the right track."

This season, Durant strong return, and played some of the most efficient season career, such as: shooting percentage and three-point shooting rate of 52.6% and 41.5% respectively.

When asked whether their own optimal level playing career, Durant said: "I think I can get better." He also said he is learning how to become a better leader, and the Wolves Team Kevin - Kevin Garnett is his main study object.

Summer next year, Durant will become a unrestricted free agent, and his future fate has been the focus of the outside world. For this topic, Adu still refused to talk. But hear it, he enjoyed time in the Thunder.

"I did not feel the pressure, I'm just trying to live in the moment." He said, "is much easier said than done. Obviously, I will consider (free agent market), and imagine what the outcome will be, but I just want to Live in the moment. Oklahoma City has been good to me. I enjoyed every moment here, and this year is a lot of fun. "