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Warcraft Trading has not moved? 30 million salary contracts into obstacles


According to ESPN reports, with the trade deadline approaching, the Rockets have started selling Dwight - Howard, but so far, World of Warcraft in the market almost nobody cares.

According to ESPN famous reporter Zach - Lowe received the news over the past two weeks time, the Rockets have been to other teams and sell Howard called, but few are interested in the transaction Howard team.

This year 30-year-old Howard will be out of contract this summer and become a free agent. Next season, NBA's salary cap will rise to about $ 92 million, Howard hopes to get a starting salary of up to $ 30 million in new contracts.

At the same time, league and players union still predict when the NBA salary cap in the 2017-18 season, rose to $ 108 million will decline. If this is true, then Howard wants maximum contract will become a huge burden, especially for him an over 30, and back, shoulder and knee injuries are serious in terms of the history center.

The present situation is, the Rockets want to trade Howard, but it is difficult to find a suitable trading partner. No team in the league now after getting Howard can become a warrior, Spurs, Cavaliers and Thunder this level. The closest may be the Raptors. It is reported that the Rockets have too much contact Dragons, but the Raptors Howard does not have any interest. In addition, the Celtics also intends to get Howard, but savvy Angelina rocket reluctant to provide what they want chips.

This is the Rockets and Howard is currently in a dilemma.