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Smoke Parker:? Beat the Warriors may not change your mind holiday wave


According to ESPN reports, just last week, the core of the Spurs Tony - Parker once said Greg - Popovich might be the main holiday in the team and the Warriors in the game, but today, Parker suddenly changed his mind, he believes he and other Lord main, it may be arranged in the wave of tomorrow's game with the Warriors all debut.

Parker basis of this judgment from the Spurs last game with the Jazz, he said, would have you think you could arrange Bobo main team performed holiday in this game, but against the Jazz, in addition to previously injured - Boris Diaw outside, Spurs played all the main.

"I think we will play it," Parker said. "Utah game, I thought we may all main break, but we all play, so I can not currently see any reason we do not play with the Warriors game a. "

Parker's theory seems to have some truth in the game against the Jazz, all the main Spurs, except Tim - Tim Duncan played 23 minutes, the rest almost all played more than 25 minutes, test Wye - Leonard and LaMarcus - Aldridge is playing more than 35 minutes, and the final kawaii also hit a winning ball.

"Like I said earlier, before the Jazz played the game, I think we may arrange Bobo each holiday, but he said before the game he wants us to play, so we are playing with this Utah game. "Parker continued," There does not seem any reason why we would holiday, and before the game, we think both against the Jazz or Warriors, Gregg will arrange our holiday, but now it looks like he seems to change mind, so I think that each of us will fight this with the Warriors. "

Just last week, Parker in his radio program has revealed that the wave may arrange for their main holiday in the game against the Warriors. Parker said at the time, with half of its own former teammates all season so hard to win as many games, is to achieve a favorable position in the ranking of the regular season last paragraph, Fortunately, the last period to allow time for the holiday, and even some I Parker "shameless" said that he likes to rest, for a holiday and not feel any boredom.

How, a few days it arrogance results found Gregg changed his mind about the Father, the playing of games to play it! However, in the end do not round holiday Parker said not, and now said nothing else, to see tomorrow Popovich Father thought of it, the Warriors can not exceed 72 wins, it may be between the decision of his.