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40 + 13 Tribute idol! Harden those firms vow to send a rocket into the playoffs


Houston Rockets at home against the Los Angeles Lakers. In this game - Kobe Bryant SkyCity farewell fight, James - Harden usher in the outbreak. He finished 14-for-31, in which three-pointers 6 of 14 shots, 6 of 8 shooting free throws, scored 40 points, 13 assists and four steals. To 130-110 victory over the Rockets, the Lakers swept the season 4-0.

This is the fourth time this season the two teams played against. The first three rounds unbeaten Rockets, averaging margin reached 22 points. Harden averaged 28.7 points, four rebounds and 4.7 assists while shooting 45.2 percent. The field Harden has a dual mandate, both led the team to continue to attack the playoff places, but also presented a gift to the idol. Eventually, Harden fulfill the mission.

Harden will head start opening, 2 points and 2 assists, the Rockets played 9-2 start rate, and which swept the six points. Among them, especially 10 minutes 04 seconds in his fast-break pass from Donatas - Motel Yunus dunk a ball, the most hit section.

Next, enter the game and Harden Bryant soared on the stage. 4 minutes 12 seconds Harden third succeeded, then Bryant made his foul from behind the arc, three free throws. But turned his head and Harden will be in Julius - Randall back balance body, labeled as 2 + 1.40 seconds after Bryant hit third, Harden is a lesson from beyond the arc. The first section of Kobe Bryant scored 15 points, Harden 11 points.

After the second quarter of rest, the two staged a whirlwind again in the third quarter. First Harden scored four points, led the team to 12 points ahead. Bryant no longer contain himself, 5 minutes 08 seconds from the start with 9 points, led the team to chase 73-76. Panic, Harden first assists, Jason - Terry hit a 3, stabilize the military, and continuous manufacturing fouled. Which in 56 seconds, Harden Bryant recovered face, two free throws.

The distal Harden finally decided at once. 9 minutes and 46 seconds he labeled as 2 +1, followed by drift shooting succeed. 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Terry steals Jordan - Clarkson, Harden and title gold Rush, fast-break dunk. It's not finished, Harden was then connected to the 2 three-pointers. In his next offensive waves of this wave (scored 16 points), 12 points lead the Rockets regain the game has actually been incorporated into the rocket track.

Although the court Cidaoxianhong, but Harden did not forget and interactive idols, even when the free throw line, also turned his head and smile Yin Yin Bryant exchange. Pointer with 38 seconds, Harden hit three points, scored the first 40 points of the field of personal and successful departure. The final whistle, Bryant and Harden hug compliments, then one will get enough of Kobe Bryant and Harden arms.

Earlier Speaking Xie Muzhan opponent Jazz, Bryant expressed the hope that the opponent had pushed hard this is for him the greatest respect. And this is no doubt the field Harden Bryant will be satisfied. The first 12 games this season farewell 40+ idol, ushered in the victory, retained the playoff ended hopes that Harden delivered late.

Interview after the game, Harden has been eyeing the next opponent, the recent eye-catching performance of the Timberwolves. Rockets season is not over yet, there are still opportunities Harden salvation.