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37-year-old still play! Bryant pattern cut 35 minutes to say goodbye to the space city


- Kobe Bryant career last visit to Houston. Fullest in this game, Bryant shot 10 of 21, one-third 10 4 free throws 11 shots, scored 35 points. Although the Los Angeles Lakers to a 110-130 defeat to the Houston Rockets, but Bryant's performance is worthy of the heart.

This is the last time Bryant career fighting off rockets, and also his last rocket old rivals meet. Before the game, including James - Harden, including rocket captains, both offer high tribute to Bryant, Kobe Bryant is more bluntly Harden himself from small to large idol. In the race during the Toyota Center fans when not chanting Bryant's name, people totally forget the Rockets this field also shoulder continued to attack the daunting task of a playoff spot.

3 round fight before the season, Bryant hit rate as high as 55.1%, but the Lakers lost all three games, averaging a net negative 22 points. The Lakers then start to fall into the negative field, inside attack frustrated, but Bryant has erupted without warning. The first section he scored 15 points, many of them great shots, both smart turn had lost Trevor - Trevor Ariza, against Dwight - Howard hit a layup, also on the outside pull-third succeeded.

And Harden in the confrontation, Bryant does not strive. 3 minutes 58 seconds behind the arc Bryant made Harden foul 3 free throws. It is under his leadership, the Lakers can be formed in the first half and rocket stalemate.

Bryant mesmerizing performances staged again in the third quarter. This section 5 minutes 56 seconds, the rocket was ahead 12 points, but Bryant first layup, and pull-third hit. 3 minutes and 43 seconds, Bryant the ball bottom line break, when the opponent to block his astute backhand hit a layup, will be sent closer to 5 minutes, forcing the Rockets suspended. After the ball succeeded, Bryant sitting on the floor face relaxing. Before the end of this section, Bryant hit against the defensive third of long distance, it hit section. Only three, Bryant scored 29 points.

Distal Harden broke out, the rate of rocket once made 13-point lead, but Bryant has not flinch. 4 minutes 52 seconds of his first assists, Jordan - Jordan Clarkson hit three points, Trevor Ariza made a succession beyond the arc and Patrick - Beverly foul 6 free throws. Rise of play, Bryant is also a good mood, not only on the court and old friends reminisced Ariza, Harden has also opened a joke, amused the free throw line in a rocket brother looked back at him, smiling ear to ear.

Pointer with 1 minute 41 seconds, winning a competition has been fixed, Bryant has been benched. Fans in the audience standing ovation to pay tribute, "Kobe, Kobe" voice resounded through the audience again. And Kobe Bryant waved. His last performance SkyCity, fixed pointer with 3 minutes 14 seconds of free throws. Subsequently, Harden scored the first 40 points of the field to be replaced, the live commentary also quipped: "In this day belongs to Kobe (Kobe day), Harden presented the 40 points."

The final whistle, Bryant once again become the focus, he and including Ariza, Jason - Terry, Beverly Harden and Rockets have been hugging and other compliments more and Hakeem - Hakeem Olajuwon came a bear hug, talk quite well. Flying Man in Houston's history came to a close, a legend since become history.