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Power Rankings: Spurs Warriors invincible knight chasing down 5 rocket Lakers 28

April 12, NBA officials announced the strength of a new ranking list, the Warriors continue to lead the Spurs ranked second third knight, Thunder and Raptors points out four or five, behind them, followed by the Clippers, Atlanta, Miami, Celtics and Hornets. Rockets fell five to 17, ranked No. 28 Lakers.

1, Golden State Warriors (72-9)

Rhythm: 101.6 (2) Offense: 112.3 (1) Defence: 100.9 (5) Net Points: +11.4 (2)

Warriors this season, in fact, sometimes not so strong last season, a slight decline because of their defense, and they played a lot of tough matches. However, in the matchup with the Spurs, they are undoubtedly the better team, but with 72 wins or 73 wins record over the regular season, their strength has been undisputed. This week, they may make history, but we are more concerned about, to May, their much oil left in the tank.

2, San Antonio Spurs (65-15)

Rhythm: 95.9 (25) Offense: 108.5 (3) Defence: 96.5 (1) Net Points: +12.0 (1)

Perhaps the most powerful warriors to do things, is to make one of the greatest players of this era has become obsolete. Duncan's game against the Warriors played only 27 minutes, which is even Bikel - Anderson and Kevin - Martin even less. And now there is no indication that, if the two teams meet again in the playoffs, Duncan would have a significant role and function improved.

3, Cleveland Cavaliers (56-24)

Rhythm: 95.5 (28) Offense: 108.1 (4) Defence: 102.2 (10) scoring margin: +5.9 (4)

Shumpert and Mo are still training his knee injury,  shooting still poor, while Mozgov Knight in the end it is not known how long the fight with him, so that Knight bench seats now looks really bad. While Owen and Loew is healthy, but both of them defensive problems really is not small, and their ability to pick and roll will face a severe test in the first round among pistons very good at playing the high pick and roll.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder (54-26)

Rhythm: 99.4 (8) Offense: 110.1 (2) Defence: 103.3 (12) scoring margin: +6.8 (3)

Westbrook triple-double in the game, Thunder 17 wins and 0 losses, so you want to get the championship, Westbrook had 16 in the playoffs as long as the triple-double on the line. In addition to this, the Thunder before the playoffs almost no positive impetus, especially in the defensive end, their last five games, averaging hundred rounds let opponents get 115 points. However, two less clearly still strong in the playoffs, and they almost never encounter any strong barrier in the first round them.

5, Toronto Raptors (54-26)

Rhythm: 95.3 (29) Offense: 106.8 (5) Defence: 102.8 (11) scoring margin: +4.0 (7)

Up to now, the Raptors record against all other teams when eight former Eastern are advantages, but they are also the only team in the league more than 5 percent against the winning team's record (28 wins, 11 losses) than 5 percent against the the following team record (26 wins and 15 losses) to be good. They are likely to go further in the playoffs, their defense is better than last year, but if the opponent guard their attack how to do?