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Sharks: Bryant was crazy I was finished three points lie he has started training

April 14, according to "SLAM" reported that - Kobe Bryant has been known for unparalleled professional attitude. With Bryant will be formally retired, his former coach - Phil Jackson and teammate Shaquille O'Neal were told stories about Bryant career attitudes.

Since entering the NBA, Bryant and Jordan it has been used for comparison. Jordan has six championship, Bryant has five championship, but the previous Laker Brian - Shaw opinion, from a technical perspective, Kobe better than Jordan could.

"From a comprehensive technology, I think Kobe may have surpassed Michael (Jordan)." Shaw said.

The summer of 2013, Jordan had said in an interview Bryant stole all his technical movements.

"I agree with him (Jordan) point of view." Bryant said with a smile, "I am a big fan of history I know a lot of game action Michael is learning Jerry - West, such as: off the dribble so it very interesting, if you look at the players, you can easily see that he learned who it was that the game is really the same, tactically speaking. the only change is the people executed. "

For comparison between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson - should be the most qualified to speak.

"Jordan is obsessed with basketball, but he also did something else." "Master," said, "Jordan playing golf. Jordan cards. Jordan went out to play. He also played baseball. As for Bryant, who 24 hours a day and basketball related. he frantically professional attitude is rarely seen in history we have never seen is: his training efforts and his pursuit of perfection. "

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal year conflict, a very important reason is that Bryant O'Neal hard enough. In this regard, O'Neal also shared an interesting story.

. "His willpower and focus on the degree is very strong," he said, "much stronger than me put it this way: I may participate in 30 parties a year, but Bryant will not participate in any of them he will say: 'no, man, I'm fine' when we come back in the morning 2,3 points, we see Kobe Bryant and his trainer has been up we would say: 'Oops, this guy 3:00 just started training? 'so his professional attitude is very crazy. "