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22 + 6 + 11! 1.6 seconds giant knight with this attitude, James declaration of war


Cavaliers 106 than 101 victory over the visiting Detroit Pistons made the playoffs this season opener. Team Lord LeBron - James full match 9 of 17 shots, scored 22 points and six rebounds, 11 assists and all-around data.

Since James entered the league, he experienced a total of 47 playoff games of the first round of the competition, which won 40 games, and has never been out of the first round of the case, its dominance is evident.

The game, James did not show a very strong desire to attack more when he served as the team's offensive organizer.

Cleveland's first score was initiated by James, the first 11 minutes and 22 seconds, James outside the ball to accelerate to the basket after a contraction of the piston attract defense, gave the ball to the left corner of Carrefour the first hit a three-pointer knight.

Match, he dished out 11 assists, but only appeared in one turnover, not only so that the whole series of his team's offense run more smoothly, and he also led the attack Carrefour, Carrefour full match He got 28 points and 13 rebounds.

At the same time, the presence of James, the Cavaliers for the whole team to enhance the temperament has an irreplaceable role.

Fourth beginning of the game, the Pistons even with the cast suddenly a wave of attacks hit 5-0, in just 56 seconds to pull the points difference was 7 points, James, Cavaliers coach immediately choose to back field, such Select received a quick return.

10 minutes and 52 seconds, James attack, breaking into the restricted area to attract defense, the ball outside of Jefferson, again to guide the ball to Kevin Love, who hit the third.

After 10 minutes 06 seconds, James again attack, after the attack involved the opponent, James gave the ball to his teammates in line to make a string of exquisite conduction ball, hit a floater from the remote jumper.

James's performance is not over, the fourth 9 minutes 23 seconds, Owen break layup after James hit the tipped up.

Immediately complete a play on a wave of 7-0, the effect is immediate.

Of course, James is not just limited to the team of the series, he also has a very good finishing ability.

The first section of the final 1.6 seconds before the games knight tee, Taryn - Lu will again replace the play of James, after James top of the key by cover line the basket, trolley buzzer hit the ball after a single hand a layup.


In the fourth quarter of 1 minute 24 seconds, the Knights lead four minutes, James dislocation singles Reggie Jackson - back after a strong body to eat easily hit a bank shot, will be widened to 6 points, and then he was in a defensive among recover the body blocked a layup Reggie, and it has the victory in the bag.

James Knight's importance for the natural self-evident, however, only the real integration of the Big Three Knights, they were able to really become invincible. Today, James gives his own attitude, then let us wait and see.