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28 + 13 playoff welcome back one hundred million yuan Allah? If you believe you can be assured Knight


Cleveland sits at home against the Detroit Pistons, the first three quarters can not be opened under the situation, by virtue of the fourth knight an 8: 0 spurt, Knight reverse the passive situation was established six points lead, Reggie Jackson in a record vote sudden layup by after the cap off the basket, the game lost suspense when the remaining 54 seconds, the final Cavaliers to 106-101 before the next city made the playoffs opener.

The big game as a starter before Kevin - Carrefour outstanding performance, the debut 38 minutes in 10 of 22 shots, including 8 three-pointers went 4 scored 28 points while also fight under 13 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, called the present the first hero of the game winner.

After the start of the game, the Pistons shot a rare offensive efficiency, Morris, Pope and Johnson are constantly on the outside frequently fired, Harris and Drummond responsible for snatching rebounds, and Reggie Jackson headed core interspersed with running, skilful PG tips frequent use HLI comb offensive team, at 59.4% and 60% hit rate support, and they kill the Knights at halftime to level 50, once seemingly magic formula about to get a senior small tactical success of Carrefour first to stand out.

In James's trust, Carrefour to Morris when he first bit back singles from the waist started, and then went to remote fired from beyond the arc, a note in his mind the precise guidance at halftime 11 shooting 6 accept the 17 points. Into the margins, when the piston is a 7-point lead, Jones and Richardson opened a record third knight-third fire, followed by Carrefour then assists the left corner hit the third, James sent out again, since the team entered the game the final stage of the harvest mode.

Because of the injuries and tactical play and difficult to form a good team chemistry, and fall to Carrefour has been plagued by doubts, even ESPN experts said "Love? He is not Bosh, James was unable to fulfill the trust given!" While the data show, he averaged 26.1 points 12.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists this season, has slipped to 16 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists, hundreds of millions of contract if he really difficult to play giant journey, even before the door closed season deal he was involved again trade rumors.

In fact, in the United States may be anecdotal fans Carrefour has been the league's best fourth place, he not only has excellent shooting, flexible pace and excellent rebounding ability, he has been acclaimed quarterback grooming and sharp force stadium consciousness. In this game, he's fighting in the inside with Drummond who paint not strive; on the outside and Morris were equally Biao hit rate guarantee; the only flaw in the end it is difficult to pay to protect the basket more value, but after offensive rebounds protection capacity and height advantage on this one enough to make up deficiencies.

When Carrefour once again usher in the perfect posture playoff debut, the Cavaliers much-anticipated, and this time champions from them be far behind?