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Look Who Warriors Spurs! They declared a war west three killed

The Western playoffs, the Thunder at home to 108-70 victory over the Mavericks, and made a good start. By this victory, the Thunder seemed to be trying to west and two strong warriors Spurs demonstrations.

In fact, in the year before the playoffs open play this round of Thunder series with the Mavericks game has lost its suspense. Thunder owns the NBA's most terrifying offensive duo, but their side supporting lineup maturing. As in previous years, with a strong contender little thunder always double championship. In comparison, the overall strength of the Mavericks weak a lot, in addition to the lineup less than configure itself, they also met with injuries (main small forward Parsons injury claims).

Sure enough, the two sides in the first game in an expression of the strength of the huge gap. Section kick, the game had already set the tone, because even the Thunder's offensive firepower is not fully open, they still won the Mavericks double-digit points difference. Thunder open fire until after the second and third quarters, the points difference between the two sides is getting larger.

Eventually, the Thunder at home to 108-70 victory over the Mavericks. Win the opponent 38 points is the biggest victory in the history of the playoffs Thunder, Thunder after winning the largest single-game points difference was 29 points in the playoffs in 2012 and 2013, the Thunder has won in the playoffs, respectively Lakers and Rockets 29 points. In fact, if not for the bench in the fourth quarter of the Thunder attack poor (only a single 15 points), this win points difference will be more poor.

Although the Thunder win over the Mavericks should be expected, after all, the strength of the gap is very obvious, but the Thunder trying to build confidence for this year's playoffs journey through this victory, while to the west champion popular demonstrations. The regular season, the Warriors and the western part of the Spurs first group, they are surging, and is considered to be the Western Conference title favorite. But the same can not be underestimated the strength of the Thunder, the last few years, if not injuries, with dual less they are still a championship contender. Now, the Thunder want to demonstrate that this is not the situation in the Western Conference outside hot two-hegemony, but a tripod.