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ESPN: World of Warcraft has lost respect with teammates Harden poor chemical reaction


According to ESPN reports, James - the lack of chemistry between Howard Rockets became the focal topic of this disappointing season - Harden and Dwight. As ESPN reporter rocket, Kelvin - Watkins rocket through some of the details reflect the contradictions within the team, and broke the news that Howard in the Rockets locker room has lost the respect of his teammates.

Rockets and Warriors in the first round of the second field before the game, Harden and his friends and bodyguards riding in a black SUV arrived Oracle Arena, he did not choose to take the Rockets coach, this is a very rare phenomenon in this season .

Security when entering the arena, Harden put the phone to his bodyguard, and so he did not even own security package is complete, and walked directly toward the locker room, he obviously knew someone would give him a bag and take the phone.

Before an important playoff game, Harden performance was a loner, and his team at this time precisely the most needed unity, which also reflects the Rockets player's thinking can not be consistent.

Fifth Before the game, Howard said the next rocket will win the match in an interview. "If you do not believe you can win, then stay in Houston. Do not take (to Auckland) aircraft." He said.

This round of the series, the Rockets players often dispute on the court or the bench. The fourth field, you can hear the roar in the locker room inside outside.

Since the Rockets this season, the show out of chaos, this phenomenon is not surprising. It began Harden and Howard, two players of the rocket. They tried to become friends, such as: Harden participated in Howard's 30th birthday party. During this year's All-Star break, Harden and Howard had dinner together and discuss their problems in the field.

But in the end, they never formed a chemical reaction. As one source said: "The (Howard Harden and chemical reactions) is really bad."

Howard felt he was the star, and he should be respected in the locker room. All along, the media and Howard liked to joke, but in the last two months of the regular season, he began to alienate the media. On the court, he was isolated most of the time outside of the offense, even though the Rockets coaches and players say that Howard needs the ball.

The fourth field after the game, when asked why they can not get more shots, Howard retorted:. "You have to ask the right people."

He was referring to the right people inside, one is Harden, he controlled the ball, even though Harden repeatedly stressed that he wants to give the ball to Howard.